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Industrial Rope Access - Profixt - Industrial Rope Access

Rope access is a method for safe positioning originating from climbing and caving techniques. It allows technicians to reach difficult to access areas at height by the utilization of ropes instead of scaffolding, mobile platforms etc.
Industrial sites can benefit from Rope Access in several ways:
Rope access allows work to be completed with fewer technicians and less equipment compared to the alternative methods.
Installation and removal of rope systems happens quickly and efficiently.
The risks during work are reduced.
Techniques are safer and lead to fewer injuries than working on scaffolding or with heavy machinery.
Simultaneous operations are easy to coordinate with rope access.
Two ogranizations ensure the proper trianing for rope access technicians:
Industrial Rope Access Trade Association – IRATA

Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians – SPRAT

They are the two major worldwide organizations providing strict training and certification and ensuring that work at difficult to access areas can be done safely and competently.

Обучение по IRATA въжен достъп